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Solo Exhibition: Brains are cool (even when they hurt)

VSA Open Door Gallery Solo Exhibition


September 17, 2019 - December 12th, 2019.

Opening Reception: September 26, 2019 5 - 7 PM

89 South Street, Suite 101, Boston, MA 02111

I make paintings influenced by the chronic migraines I've had my whole life. I aim to show the beauty that accompanies this strange neurological condition. One of my daily symptoms is an ocular disturbance called ‘aura’. Superimposed in my vision is a shimmering wave of lights, colors, black holes, and other unsettling but mesmerizing artifacts.

The same migraine symptoms that are painful in the florescent-lit modern world are glorious when I'm in the woods. On a forest trail, I experience a kaleidoscope of fracturing leaves, brush, and canopy that are gorgeous in their strange Alice-in-Wonderland splendor, complete with heightened color and light.

I experience the distortion of perspective called macroscopia and microscopia. I depict them in my work to give the viewer the pain-free sight of these dissociating neurological effects. I work with black gesso, using the matte color of the primed canvas to be the darkness and shadow, and add the light in a swirling, patterning effect that mimics the aura I see all the time.

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